Director of Camp Hale

Sandwich, NH

Director of Camp Hale 

At United South End Settlements (USES), we offer programs that support the whole family in achieving  economic mobility. We help parents and caregivers develop their own capacity to reach their goals,  increase their income and assets, and connect with new networks of people through One-on-One  Coaching combined with opportunities for personal development through Family Mobility programming.  We provide quality education and enrichment opportunities for children and youth that foster personal  development and social-emotional skills such as perseverance, communication, teamwork, and  problem-solving – Early Childhood Education, club48 out-of-school time programming, and Camp Hale  on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. We believe that as families increase their income and assets, become  more resilient, and connect to a diverse network, they and their children are more likely to develop the  necessary skills to disrupt the cycle of poverty.  

As United South End Settlements celebrates its 125th year and beyond, we are reaffirming our founding  vision of an inclusive community where neighbors from all walks of life work together so that all can  thrive while implementing a bold, new model designed to promote economic mobility and social capital  to break the generational cycle of poverty. 


As Director of Camp Hale, you’ll lead the Camp Hale program with seasonal programming on Squam  Lake and year-round programming and engagement in Boston. The residential camping experience  provides boys and girls, ages 6-14, unique opportunities for personal growth and development in a  

natural environment not found in typical urban living. The Director of Camp Hale, who resides at Camp  Hale from June through October, oversees all aspects of management of Camp Hale, including  recruitment, enrollment, curriculum development that promotes child development and environmental  learning, supervision of staff, ensuring campers’ safety, maintaining American Camp Association (ACA)  accreditation, family and event rentals, and physical property. In addition, the Director is responsible for  the financial health of the camp and is a critical partner, along with the Chief Program Officer, in leading  fundraising efforts.  

The Camp Hale Director will manage the whole Camp Hale Team, including a year-round Operations  Director and seasonal staff, including the Camp Chef, Nurse, and all program staff. The Director will work  across the organization with program directors, managers, and staff of Early Childhood Education,  Club48, and Family Mobility, as well as integral functions across the Executive Team, Development,  Operations, Human Resources, and Finance. This position will report directly to the Chief Program  Officer. 


The key responsibilities of this position include: 

Organizational Leadership and Program Stewardship 

• Uphold and help further the mission of the organization 

• Work closely with senior staff to facilitate departmental goals and ensure program activities are  aligned with USES’ strategic direction  

• Develop funding strategies with the Chief Program Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and  Development team, drawing from local and Boston resources for short and long-term  sustainability  

• Be a liaison between Camp Hale and the Town of Sandwich, NH, and Boston’s USES campus  • Support the collection and use of data about Camp Hale campers for continuous program  improvement, including entering information into Camp Site, Salesforce, and other databases as  needed  

• Responsible for cultivation and stewardship of the New Hampshire fundraising base • Present as the content expert on summer residential camps and ensure Senior Leadership and  Board are updated on trends in camping and youth development 

• Serve as a thought partner in expanding and marketing Camp Hale and other USES youth  programs to attract families from diverse communities  

• Seek out and promote opportunities to support families across USES programs in collaboration  with Family Mobility Team 

Management & Program Responsibilities 

• Responsible for the overall pre-planning and implementation of camp program activities  • Align the structure, including length and target audience, of camp sessions for maximum  programmatic and financial impact  

• Recruit, hire, train, evaluate, and supervise all camp staff (including cooks and nurses) • Develop and implement a summer and year-round curriculum for off-season that promotes  positive youth development and environmental learning  

• Ensure the safe and secure operation of the camp, including safety drills and procedures  • Develop and maintain program goals, activities, policies, and procedures that reflect current  best practices in both youth development and environmental learning  

• Work with the data and evaluation team to develop and implement tools to measure program  impact annually  

• Assess growth potential and use data to determine pace and quality of programming  • Develop annual timeline for overall Camp Hale program activities and events  • Oversee and manage event opportunities, outreach, promotion, and contract negotiation  

Outreach & Relationship Building Responsibilities 

• Cultivate strong relationships with Camp Hale campers and families  

• Build and maintain relationships with Camp Hale neighbors and Camp Hale Alumni Association. • Conduct outreach to schools, community-based organizations, camp fairs, and other groups for the purpose of facilitating enrollment  

• Develop partnerships with community-based, educational, or other organizations to enhance  program activities at camp  

Fiscal/Financial Responsibilities 

• Enrollment of campers and meet revenue goals 

• Ensure accuracy and efficiency in billing and collection of parent fees  

• Develop program budget and manage expenses to both operational and maintenance budget • Conduct periodic market analysis that includes rate comparisons  

• Coordinate off-season rental use of camp property to maximize revenue opportunities  • Play an active role in fundraising for Camp Hale by participating in stewardship and cultivation  events and activities with donors and prospects 

• Ensure that grant proposals/reports are timely, accurate, and compelling 

• Partner with the Development Team to produce marketing materials that highlight the impact  of Camp Hale  

Regulatory/Physical Planning Responsibilities 

• Operation of facilities, including both grounds and buildings. Coordinate subcontractors and  other repairs as needed  

• Maintain required records, permits, and licenses in accordance with both MA and NH  regulations and standards, including ACA accreditation 

• Ensure contract compliance with and maintain accurate records for NH food reimbursement  programs. 

• Other duties as assigned 


There are innumerable ways to learn, grow, and excel professionally. We know people gain skills  through a variety of professional, personal, educational, and volunteer experiences. We respect this  when we review applications and take a broad look at the experience of each applicant. We want to get  to know you and the unique strengths you will bring to the work. This said, we are most likely to be  interested in your candidacy if you can demonstrate the majority of the qualifications and experiences  listed below. 

• At least 5-7 years experience in youth development or in the camping arena, with at least 3  years experience in program coordination or management. Extensive leadership experience in a  camp or youth program required  

• At least 3 years experience supervising staff required  

• Must have facility and excitement in working with underserved youth, staff, agency personnel,  and families. Must be familiar with best practices in child development and astute at  implementing environmental and recreational education curriculum 

• Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate teams 

• Strong organizational and communication skills, including familiarity with Camp Site, Salesforce,  and other related databases preferred 

• Demonstrated timely problem-solving skills and flexibility  

• Familiarity and experience with American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation standards  strongly preferred 


The salary range for this role is $70,000-$85,000 and is commensurate with experience. We’ll promote  your professional growth and development by providing access to a benefits package, including medical  and dental insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, pension contributions, paid vacation, and more.  


This role is based at Camp Hale on Squam Lake in Sandwich, NH, from June through October. Our  preference is for candidates to reside in the greater Boston area during the off-season and be available  to travel occasionally within the region to support ongoing relationship management with Camp Hale  and USES stakeholders.  

While based in our Boston office, our standard administrative work schedule is 9-5, but there will be  occasional early morning, evening, and weekend needs dependent on Executive Team needs, Board and  community meetings, etc.  

While at camp, the Director works six days per week, and time off is scheduled based on the needs of  the camp. This position requires you to be on call 24/7 while camp is in session, and you must be  available in the event of an emergency. There is an administrative team to support the Director while  the Director is off-site managing public relations, fundraising, and scheduled time off. 


Interested candidates are encouraged to promptly submit their application through the online portal. All  applicants will receive a response to their application within two weeks of submission. Candidates can  expect a comprehensive interview process with USES team members, including a final interview onsite  at Camp Hale. Expected start date for the role is November 2023.  

------------------------------EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER------------------------------ 

USES is an equal opportunity employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants  without regard to age, race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,  national origin, marital status, disability or protected veteran status, genetics, or any other status or  characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. USES is compliant with the American with  Disabilities Act and we are committed to making special accommodations for your interview or work as a  member of our team.